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DualDesk products  do not contain  ad-ware or spyware.

DualDesk Was Named
"Best Value"
in Remote System Administration Utilities!

"It's  ultra-small file
download size makes it the smallest and
fastest . . .
Ideal for users on slow
modem connections."

"The highly optimized, DualDesk is miles ahead of the competition's similar products which have less features and bloated file sizes of more than twice the size. . .
the DualDesk
advantage is obvious in
every category . . . hands
down best in class and

Sometimes the best way to help someone fix a problem is to do it for them. With DualDesk, the remote-control software will automatically establish a desktop sharing connection with your technician. The technician can see and operate the customer's remote computer almost like being there in person, the technician can logoff/logon or reboot the remote computer and reconnect before the logon prompt even if the customer is away from their computer or out of the office.
DualDesk saves you and your customers time and frustration by giving your technician immediate direct access to their PC letting your technician get in and fix the problem so your customer can get back to work in minutes.
DualDesk runs entirely on your own Windows based desktop computers and there are no 3rd party services involved so you retain full control of the service as well as the costs.

DualDesk can pay for itself the first time you use it!

Auto-Installs on-demand in seconds!

DualDesk downloaded in less than 1 second via a wireless 802.11g network connection at an Internet Cafe Hot Spot!  This customer's notebook computer was repaired within minutes of his call, even before he finished ordering his lunch...
  now that's customer satisfaction!

Windows administrator rights are not required. Works even if the user is logged in to Windows with a restricted or a "Guest" account with no privileges to create folders or write to the registry.


Testimonials & Reviews

What Our Customers Say . . .


Remote Support Software 5 Star Rating at Sofotex  Remote Support Software Editor's Pick 5 Stars Award on  Remote Support Software Free download software 
Remote Support Software award from  Remote Support Software 5 stars award from Remote Support Software 5 stars award from Freetrialsoft.comRemote Support Software Editor's choice award from
Remote Support Software 5 stars award from
     Remote Support Software Editors Choice award from Remote Support Software Editors Choice award from

Remote Support Software 5 Star award from     Remote Support Software Editors Pick award from

Remote Support Software 5 Star award from     Remote Support Software Editors Pick award from


Remote Support Software 5 Star award from     Remote Support Software Editor's Pick award from


Remote Support Software 5 Star award from     Remote Support Software Editors Pick award from

Remote Support Software 5 Star award from     Remote Support Software 64bit Compatible award from


Remote Support Software Windows 7 Compatible award from     Remote Support Software 100% Vista Compatible award from

     Remote Support Software 5 Star award from


AGDATA Australia is a Queensland based software developer producing accounting and production software for the agricultural industries of Australia. We feel that quality support for our product is as important as the quality of the software itself. We purchased Dual Desk early in 2008 to help us provide support to our rural client base. The system has been absolutely great in providing a simple to implement support solution. Our clients are in rural areas of Australia and typically do not have the high speed and high reliability internet connections that we take for granted in the cities. Dual Desk has proved capable and reliable even over these slow, high latency connections. Pixel ITT have been prompt and capable in addressing the very few issues that we have had in running the system. I have no hesitation in endorsing Dual Desk and Pixel ITT.

Mark Leahy
AGDATA Australia Pty Ltd


When we set out to use Remote Support software within, we followed our normal procedure which is to evaluate every single solution thoroughly over a two-week period. This took us two months to complete. Our overriding criteria were : 1) No installation on the remote user PC, 2) Small footprint, 3) Flawless operation, 4) Ability to reboot into Safe Mode and then back into Normal Mode, 5) One-time purchase, 6) Good backup support from the publisher, 7) Professional grade software. We evaluated 15 solutions on our test systems. DualDesk was about the 4th solution we evaluated and we knew instantly this was going to be THE ONE. In fact, as soon as we started using DualDesk we almost did not want to continue our evaluation of the other products, but we stuck to our usual procedures and evaluated all 15 products, only to come back to DualDesk because it won in all categories. While very well priced, it is not the cheapest, but in our case Quality, Quality, and Quality was what we wanted, so we bought it. Nine months later we are pleased to say that this has been one of the best investments we've ever made - it has never ever failed us and it is just simply one of those wonderful products that one stumbles upon on the Internet from time to time. A gem.

Maurice McElroy


We have set up the product and it works a treat. Best in the market and EXACTLY what I have been searching for. By the way, we LOVE this product. It has almost paid for itself already as we are charging in 15 minute blocks for remote support. We are so pleased that someone has developed such a clever product with a fair licensing system by technician. It works a dream even through our clients firewalls.

Kind regards,

Craig Byrnes
Byrnes NetCare


Everything is working beautifully. Used dualdesk all day yesterday and my personal stress level went down about a hundredfold. 30-40 minute support calls were reduced to 6 or 7 minutes, and the real beauty was, I knew that things were being done correctly. The tech ability of our customer base is abysmally low, while their dependence on technology in order to perform their job is utter and absolute. It's a deadly combination for my frustration level that dualdesk alleviated brilliantly yesterday.

One of our clients is a court reporting agency out of Memphis with 25 installs of our software. They use our product to conduct an elaborate file share system between four different departments, all choreographed by a single IT person. Well, it just so happened that yesterday, that IT person had to be admitted to the hospital and two non-IT personnel were assigned to figure out the system. They called me with zero idea of what was going on. Without dualdesk, I have no idea how I could have got them on track. Actually, I do know. I wouldn't have. And if that IT person does not return anytime soon, without dualdesk, it's quite likely we would lose that lucrative account.

So anyway, GREAT product.

Thank you,

Paul Humbeutel
T3 Total Transcript Transfer


THANK YOU this product is the happiest purchase I've made for my IT consultancy in, well, a very long time.


Greenlaw & Quick Information Technologies LLC


Just wanted to say thanks for making a remote control software that works great. I have been suffering with PCanywhere, VNC and others for the last 5 years. I haven't had a single issue connecting to any ones PC since I started with your software, and normally I am in and working in less than a minute.

Wally Morris
Depot Systems Software /  Edge Networks, Inc.


Hi Dual Desk Sales Team,

I'm a CPA and I just love your product! It's so easy to use (after working through the port configuration and ip address issues). My customers are impressed with my remote desktop support. My clients just click my support button and I'm connected. We work so much more efficiently now. 

I've used gotomypc and mywebexpc. Your software is so much easier and faster, and the screen resolution is so much clearer. This is a great business tool and will help keep me miles ahead of my competition.

Keep up the good work!

Belinda Whitfield
Whitfield & Associates, LLC.


As a software and hardware reseller, we do a lot of onsite visits to troubleshoot, support and train our customers. After trying other avenues of remote support, which just added to the amount of time spent in order to get it working, Dualdesk has already outperformed and simplified any solution we have previously tried. It's simplicity, speed, lightweight install and password feature make it ideal for our support staff and even easier for the client. I recommend this product highly.

Thanks a million!

Ed Gonzalez

Micro-Medic Solutions, LTD.


Customers of DualDesk,

Rarely do I publicly endorse a product but I must say I did my homework and DualDesk is a fantastic product. I shopped around for a good remote control app and was willing to spend a lot more than I did. DualDesk in my opinion is the easiest product to deliver to our customers. Today we can ask the most novice customer to navigate to a link on our website and enable remote support with a couple of clicks.

I have worked with the big corporate Web-based solutions and they can't even come close to the simplicity and reliability of this product. The automatic reconnect after a hiccup or reboot is brilliant and the big guns can't or won't offer this crucial feature for some reason. I can't tell you how many times I've had to wait till morning for someone to reconnect to me because of a glitch.

Great job guys!


Brad Bennett


Dear DualDesk:

I recently purchased the rights to a software product and all that it entails, including development, sales and product support for customers together with a backlog of unsolvable problems that goes back at least a year. My previous job entailed architecting and managing development for the worldwide customer support technologies of 3 different Fortune 50 corporations. The companies dealt with customer support issues on the order of hundreds of thousands per month. We learned what worked and what did not. What produced the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty and did it in the most cost-effective manner. The answer ended up being simple. Working with a customer over the phone or via e-Mail or bulletin boards was slow, produced long time-to-solution metrics and frustrated the customer. The main issue here is that the customer does not know, nor do they want to know computer jargon or the skills required to assist in their own troubleshooting. They got a computer to use it and they just need their problem resolved. Support technicians got frustrated in dealing with verbal and written communications which resulted in poor performance on their part. We developed proprietary technology that does what DualDesk does now. The support technicians can now get onto the customer system and do what they know how to do - solve the problem. Customers have their problems resolved without frustrating communication gaps. Time-to-solution metrics improved drastically; customer satisfaction went through the roof. 99% of the support industry has not figured this out yet - "Customers just want their problem resolved" - and the current model of poor communication between a support technician and the customer is not meeting this need for either the business or its customer base.

So, when I went into business for myself, I knew that one thing I would definitely succeed at would be the support of my customers. And I knew what I needed to be successful. A few days of internet searching produced a few candidate products. I eventually settled on DualDesk as being the simplest to deploy to customers, support and use. In one week, I completely cleared a year's worth of backlogged support issues. Many in just minutes. All because I could actually get my hands on the customer's system, see the problem for myself, avoid the communication gap and implement the solution. If you are using other methods of supporting your customers, I assure you it is no where near as cost-effective, efficient and raising customer satisfaction as this method.

I am not getting any kickback or free product use for writing this letter of recommendation. So why take the time? The product is good, but that still would not convince me to take this time to write this letter. Then why? It is because I have found that DualDesk personnel care about its customers as much as I do about mine. In this world of finger-pointing customer service (you know, "It's not our problem, you need to contact.") DualDesk folks have helped me when it wasn't their problem and they knew it. Recently DualDesk was no longer working because my ISP had changed my static IP address without notification. The support persons at DualDesk drove back into work to assist in helping me get around my problem so that I could help my customers. They care! They care about their product and more so about their customers. I will be a customer for life.

Jeff J Jones

Birder's Diary Software


Customer service was excellent. Order was filled quickly and questions were answered quickly (even though it was the weekend) and tech support answers were right on the money. The software is great and works exactly as advertised (which is not always the case with many products).! Dualdesk helped us resolve a modem / router configuration issue at a customer's site that dragged on for almost a week. At first they didn't allow us to use DualDesk and paid a Telco technician $100 to check the lines and configure the modem. Of course that was wasted money since the technician simply connected his OWN modem and then pronounced our modem defective. At this point the customer became highly agitated, asked to cancel the service and to return the modem for a full refund. After a lengthy discussion we were able to convince the customer to give us 5 minutes with his PC and TWO minutes after we connected to his PC with DualDesk, the high speed modem was up and running fine. We subsequently made another sale to the same customer.


DCI Telcom, Inc.


We have used DualDesk over a dozen times this last week, and everything worked flawlessly. We are making a concerted effort to tell the various hardware vendor's that we work with around the country about Advantig. We concur with your DualDesk web page banner: Named "Best Value" in Remote System Administration Utilities!

ExpertCity's GoToAssist, NetworkStreaming and others are just expensive replacements for Advantig's DualDesk.

Thank you for taking the time to help us implement the use of Advantig's DualDesk as our help desk solution.

Fred Pytlak
Visual Data, LLC


The meeting with the Instructors went very well yesterday. DualDesk worked great. The Instructors were impressed. In fact, two that did not sign up to use Dual Desk now think they would like to have it. I am going to wait a couple of days to see if any one else changes their mind, I will contact you for additional copies in a few days.

Thanks for all your support. In addition to a good product, you make the big difference.

John Moneysmith


I am very happy with dual desk it makes my work easy, thank you for making such a good product for a very good price.

Thank you very much for you kind support, believe me DualDesk will play a major
roll in growing my business I am very grateful to DualDesk and Specially you Phill..

Arif Hamirani
Arlyx Communications


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