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DualDesk demo and trial products are fully functional and do not contain any ad-ware or spyware.

Stop paying monthly fees!
DualDesk is the PC remote support software that you own and control.

The return on investment is almost immediate and the savings can be substantial enough to hire additional employees and expand your business.

DualDesk Was Named
"Best Value"
in Remote System Administration Utilities!

"It's  ultra-small file
download size makes it the smallest and fastest . . .
Ideal for users on slow
modem connections."


Updates/Upgrades & 30 day trials

Register your software updates and 30 day extended trials below.

This form for is for registering your previously purchased DualDesk software or to register a free trial for 30 days to remove the disclaimer prompt and daily customer module expiration.  Registration is free for existing customer updates / upgrades and for 30 day extended trials.



Registration is free.

Registering your software will remove the daily expiration and remove the trial use prompt that is displayed when the customer runs an unregistered trial module. 

DualDesk is available for immediate download.
Updates are always free for the Professional Edition
Click HERE to download.

To view a list of changes, go here:

If you are an existing customer registering a free software update, upgrade or re-install, the registered customer modules will be permanent. You should only need to re-register if you moved the software to another machine or upgraded to a new operating system.

If you are registering for a free 30 day extended trail, the software will revert to unregistered "Trial Use Only" mode and the customer modules will expire daily after the registration period ends. If you require a longer test period or more than one trial, enter your request in the "Additional Instructions/Comments" box at the end of the worksheet and select the options you need below and press the "Submit Worksheet" button. 

Please fill out the following form.

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Existing customers enter invoice number or company name.

We need it to look up your account. If left blank, a 30 day trial key will be sent.
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  * Installation Code (provided when you create a customer module) * REQUIRED  


Enter the installation code from the workstation to be registered


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--- Enter any special instructions or questions.

Press the "Submit Registration" button to send it.

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