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DualDesk products  do not contain any ad-ware or spyware.

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DualDesk - Automatic Self-Installing, Remote Control / Remote Viewing Software.

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  First you must contact us by telephone... You
will then be directed to the appropriate link.


After clicking one of the links above, remote-support software will be installed on your computer, it will be automatically removed when the session ends.
If you are connecting to a technician, DualDesk will be used to establish a remote control connection automatically with the assigned technician with no input required from you other than to run the file.  The technician will then be able to see and operate your computer almost the same as sitting in front of it.  You can see everything the technician is doing and can end the session instantly at any time by double-clicking on the DualDesk icon in your system tray or right-clicking on the icon and selecting close from the popup menu.

If you are connecting to an instructor, you will establish a "View-Only" connection to the instructor's computer using DualDesk Presenter and you will only be able to view the instructor's computer screen.  Remote control inputs will be disabled and the instructor will not be able to see or control your computer. A high-speed internet connection is recommended for viewing.

Note: To use this service, the computer in question must be connected to the internet.

The automatic installation program you will download is password protected to prevent unauthorized use and to help deter hackers.  It can be attached to an email message or we can send it on disk if you have problems downloading.



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